Sound absorbing materials for cars

Our company specializes in silencer materials for cars since 2006 year, the kick-start production of the silencer materials for cars since 2009 year.

We have accumulated the meaningful experience in the sphere of lowering of noise in cars, improving of acoustic preparation of car by using vibration isolation, soundproof, absorptive materials.

The main types of materials, which are issued by our company.

Insulating and absorbing materials

Our company produces the materials, which are destined for lowering of noise in cars, autobuses, special vehicles.

The production is divided into following groups:

  1. Insulating materials (vibration cushioning materials)
  2. Acoustic insulation materials
  3. Absorptive materials
  4. Materials against creak

Also, we produce the decoration materials for inner trim of transportation:

  1. Decorative lining
  2. Decorative floor materials

Special materials for use in the special vehicles:

  1. Non-inflammable materials
  2. High-density absorptive, and jointing materials and manufactures
  3. Light vibro insulating materials
  4. Heavy vibro insulating materials
  5. Thermo overlay materials
  6. Non-inflammable materials (600C+, 1100C+) and products

The company "SGM Techno" is a manufacturing company with great experience of issue of serial and non-serial materials. Among our collective are specialists with higher technical engineering education got in the best technical universities of Russia (the USSR) - Bauman Moscow State Technical University ("rocket college"), Yaroslavl State Technical University. It provides the guarantee of the technological product perfection and stable product good quality.


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